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AVIBOOST™ Poultry Tonic

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Indication/Description Is a balanced, concentrated liquid performance enhancer for chickens, geese, ducks, ostriches, turkeys and other avians.
Active Ingredients Per litre  (m/v)
Vitamin A: 500,000 IU
Vitamin D3: 75,000  IU
Vitamin E:  1,000 mg
Vitamin B1: 1,250 mg
Vitamin B2: 500 mg
Vitamin B6: 625 mg
Vitamin B12: 5,300 mcg
Vitamin K (MSB) 350 mg
Vitamin C: 1,000 mg
Iodine: 500 mg
Selenium: 125 mg
Cobalt:  500 mg
Copper*: 2,000 mg
Manganese*: 1,000 mg
Biotin: 1,250 mcg
Niacin: 1,400 mg
D-Panthenol: 625 mg
Folic Acid: 625 mg
Lysine HCL: 1,000 mg
Methionine : 1,500 mg
Amino acid profile: 1000 mg
Magnesium salt: 455 mg
Sodium salt: 9.815 g
Potassium salt: 82.430 g
Citric Acid: 3,280 mg
Essential Fatty Acids: 500 mg
Nucleotides: 5,000 mg
Zinc*:  3,000 mg

*MAAC (Metal Amino Acid Chelate)
In a water soluble non-sugar base.

Target Specificity
Usages/Product Insert

AVIBOOST™ Poultry Tonic

Pack Sizes/Shots

AVIBOOST™ Poultry Tonic

Method of Administration Apply at the recommended rate in clean drinking water.

1 L per 500 L of clean drinking water.
1 part Aviboost Poultry Tonic to 500 parts clean drinking water.

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