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AVIBOOST™ Extra D3 Liquid

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Indication/Description Is a concentrated liquid containing fat soluble vitamin D3 in a unique water soluble form to provide bone strength in young birds, relieve stiff gait in turkeys and ostriches and control nutritional leg weakness in laying hens and other commercial and exotic birds. This unique, water-soluble formulation ensures a uniform dose delivery in drinking water.
Active Ingredients
Target Specificity
Usages/Product Insert

AVIBOOST™ Extra D3 Liquid

Pack Sizes/Shots

AVIBOOST™ Extra D3 Liquid

Method of Administration

Apply at the recommended rate in clean drinking water.


Use at a rate of 50 ml AVIBOOST™ Extra D3 Liquid
to 200 L fresh clean drinking water
Use for the first 3 consecutive days and then
as below
Use immediately for the first 5 days at the first
signs of leg problems
0 - 3 days of age
10 - 14 days of age
28 - 31 days of age
If using other sources of Vit D3 at the same time,
reduce the levels to 25 ml per 200 L of clean drinking water

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