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Indication/Description A nutritional supplement to boost the energy supply of small and underweight piglets.
Active Ingredients Crude protein 2,47 g/100 g, moisture 318 g/L, crude fat 356 g/L, vitamin A 1175470 IU/L, vitamin D 124912 IU/L, vitamin B12 74,88 μg/L, vitamin C <10 mg/L, Iron 166,6 mg/L, MECMJ/kg 100/250 ml. Triglycerides, essential fatty acids, glucose, colostrum, lactic acid bacteria (SF68). Vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C, tonic herbal extracts (kola, guarana), iron (as iron sulphate) and flavourants..
Category Nutritionals
Target Specificity
Usages/Product Insert PIGGYBOOST 100ml, 250 ml Pack Sizes/Shots PIGGYBOOST 100 ml, 250 ml
Method of Administration Introduce the nozzel onto the back of the piglets tongue, dispense and allow to swallow
Dosage Dose 2 ml = 1 pump action and allow to swallow as soon as possible possible after birth. Repeat every 5 hours until risk period is considered to be over.


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