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Indication/Description Emulsifiable concentrate. Dip for sheep, goats, pigs and rabbits. Kills blow-fly maggots, lice, scab mites, controls ticks on sheep and goats. Kills lice  on pigs and mange mites on rabbits.
Active Ingredients
Diazinon 30% m/v.
Target Specificity
Usages/Product Insert DAZZEL NF 500ML, 5LT and 25LT Pack Sizes/Shots DAZZEL NF 500ML, 5LT and 25LT
Method of Administration

Use only as directed.
Blowfly remedy and stock dip:
Shake the drum thoroughly before use. Measure out the required quantity of Dazzel NF concentrate and slowly add to double the quantity of water, while stirring continuously to form a white emulsion. The mixture can now be added to the measured volume of water. Mix well before use.
Please note: Do not use, should the mixture fail to produce a white emulsion or should an oily layer appear on the surface of the mixture.


Preventing blowfly strike (patch treatment): Dilution:
1 L Dazzel NF in 150 L of water.

i) Crutch: Place the sheep in a sitting position, then pour
or coarse spray the mixture onto the crutch area, starting
at the hocks and around the tail. Part the wool and
work the mixture into the wool to ensure wetting of the
skin. Use a minimum of 0,5 L of Dazzel NF mixture per
crutch, depending on the length of wool.
ii) Body: Jet spray along the back of sheep starting at the
withers and work along the back. Saturate the wool to
the skin, using from 0,5 to 1 L Dazzel NF mixture per
sheep depending on the length of the wool.
iii) Rams: Saturate the wool to the skin around the horns
of rams, to protect poll wounds against strike.
Time of application: Apply in August or at the start of
the warm weather and again six weeks after shearing. For
lambs apply six weeks after birth; they may require a second
Note: It is important to have at least 6 weeks growth of
wool (3-5 cm in length) at the time of treatment for protection
against strike.
Control of blowfly strike: Saturate the affected area
with the same mixture as for ‘Prevention’ (1:150) or dust
with blowfly powder making sure all maggots are reached.
This ensures rapid killing of maggots, quick wound healing
and prevention of re-infestation.
Dipping of sheep, goats and angora goats: Note:
In order to ensure that an effective dip concentration

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