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Water-based intramuscular Vitamin A injection for the prevention and treatment of Vitamin A deficiency in cattle Nutritionals
Aussie Aussie Eartags for durability in the harshest climates with resistance to UV rays, fade resistance. Big marking area with ease of marking. The brass point ensure clean and easy cutting, quick application with less infections of marked area. Instruments
Baycox 5% For the control of Coccidioses in Calves, Lambs and Piglets Coccidiocides
Baymec A broad spectrum parasiticide for the control of ecto- and endoparasites in cattle and sheep. Endectocides


Dip and spray for cattle, horses, ostriches, poultry and dogs for the control of ticks, stable flies and mites. Also sterilises female ticks Ectoparasiticides


Pour-on. Controls ticks, nuisance flies, kills biting and sucking lice on cattle. Ectoparasiticides


Tapeworm remedy against intestinal and liver tapeworms in sheep and cattle and tapeworm in ostriches. Endoparasiticides

Byboost Calf

A liquid drench booster for growing calves. Nutritionals

Byboost Cattle

A liquid drench for all types and ages of cattle. Nutritionals

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Byboost Kal-Ci-Phos with Extra Zinc

A concentrated bio-available mineral liquid complementary feeding stuff. It is a balanced liquid formulation of calcium, phosphorus and minerals for poultry to help address the incidences of heat stroke or stress. Specially designed supplement for poultry and other farm livestock to maintain skeletal condition and bone mineralisation. Nutritionals

Byboost Liquigise Energy Booster

A concentrated liquid containing water-soluble energy in the form of mono- and polysaccharides with specialised fatty acids. For chicks, poults and young birds, all farm livestock where energy demand is high. Nutritionals

Byboost Scour-Ex

A replenishing, dietetic feeding stuff, designed to assist in the management of water, electrolytes and essential minerals during nutritional stress in cattle, pigs, horses, sheep and other farm animals. Nutritionals

Byboost Vitagain

A liquid drench booster for nutritionally aiding growth, fertility and good livestock performance.Without copper. Can be used in feed, drinking water, milk, top dressed on feed or whenever oral drenches are utilized. Nutritionals
Calciject PMD For the treatment of hypocalcaemia complicated by deficiency of magnesium with accompanying hypoglycemia in cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and goats. Nutritionals


Pour-on. Controls ticks, nuisance flies and tsetse flies, kills biting and sucking lice on cattle, sheep and goats. Contains Cyfluthrin 1% m/v. Ectoparasiticides

Daz-Dust 2%

Dusting Powder. Controls blow-fly strike and kills blow-fly maggots. Controls horse-flies. Kills lice on sheep, goats and cattle. Ectoparasiticides

Drastic Deadline

Pour-on. Controls ticks on cattle, sheep, ostriches and game. Controls tsetse fly worry and red lice on cattle and feather mites on ostriches. Sterilises female ticks. Ectoparasiticides

Drastic Deadline Extreme

Pour-on with systemic mode of action. Controls ticks on cattle with prolonged action against blue ticks. Controls red lice and tsetse fly worry on cattle. Inhibits progress of blue ticks from one stage of development to the next. Ectoparasiticides

Doxymycin QA

For the treatment of heartwater, tick-borne
gallsickness (anaplasmosis), footrot, navel-ill,
joint-ill and pneumonia in stock.

Doxymycin Eye Powder

A broad spectrum quick acting, lipid soluble antimicrobial that helps alleviate and clear opthalmia caused by Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses with further antiseptic activities. Antimicrobials


Roundworm and tapeworm remedy for sheep, goats, cattle and ostriches. Endoparasiticides

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Floryboost Calf

A nutritional supplement to assist with the management of digestive upsets in calves. Nutritionals

Hi-Tet 120

For the treatment of tick-borne gall-sickness (anaplasmosis), heart-water, foot-rot, navel-ill, joint-ill, pneumonia in stock and strangles in horses. Antimicrobials

Hi-Tet 200 L.A. Gold

For the treatment of Heartwater, tick-borne gallsickness (anaplasmosis), footrot, pneumonia, navel-ill, and joint-ill in cattle, sheep and goats and respiratory infections in swine. Antimicrobials

Hi-Tet Aerosol

For the treatment and control of topical infections in all species of animals. Antimicrobials


Synthetic antimycotic with a potent antifungal action against dermatophytes in dogs, cattle and horses. Antifungals


Controls ticks and kills lice on cattle and horses. Kills red mites and lice on poultry and controls sand tampans on poultry. Controls ticks and fleas on dogs. Ectoparasiticides


Roundworm remedy for cattle, sheep, goats and ostriches. Endoparasiticides


Roundworm and liver fluke remedy for cattle, sheep and goats. Highly effective against adult and immature stages of Calicophoron spp. (conical fluke worm) in cattle. Endoparasiticides


Worm remedy against tapeworms in sheep, goats, calves and immature conical fluke in sheep and goats. Can be used for animals of all ages and pregnant animals. Endoparasiticides

Milbitraz Spray Dip

Spray dip. Controls ticks, kills lice and mange mites on cattle. Ectoparasiticides

Milbitraz LS

Plunge Dip. Controls ticks, kills lice and mange mites on cattle. Ectoparasiticides


For treatment and control of topical infections in all species of animals. Antimicrobials

Ocean Gold

For the prevention and treatment of Vitamin A deficiency. Nutritionals

Penstrep 300D

Mastitis infusion for the treatment of mastitis in lactating dairy cows. Antimicrobials

Penstrep DC

Mastitis infusion that aids in the prevention and control of common forms of bovine mastitis at drying off and during the dry period. Antimicrobials

Ripercol L Soluble Powder

Roundworm remedy for sheep, goats cattle and ostriches. Anthelmintic

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Antiparasitic remedy against roundworms and liver fluke in cattle and sheep with a persistent effect against wireworm, hookworm and nodular worm. Effective against Parafilaria, sucking lice, biting lice, mange mite, sand tampan, cattle screw-worm and blue tick in cattle and scab mite, itch mite and nasal bot in sheep.


Sulfazine 16 % Oral and drinking water remedy for the treatment of coccidiosis and coryza (Croup) in poultry and coccidiosis in claves, lambs, kids and rabbits. Antimicrobials and Coccidiocides
Sulfazine 33 ⅓ % For the treatment of pneumonia, bacterial scours coccidioses, joint ill and navel ill in cattle, sheep, goats and pigs and strangles in horses and footrot in cattle. Antimicrobials

Trifender  Pour-on

Pour-on for the control of ticks on cattle.



Plunge dip, spray dip and hand spray.Controls itch mites, ticks, sheep scab, lice and protects against blowfly strike in sheep and goats. Controls ticks, lice and protects against nuisance flies and screw-worm infestations on cattle.



Zeropar Aerosol


• Kills all Blue and multihost ticks on application
• An aid in preventing wound infection in cattle and sheep
• Protects against nuisance flies
• Kills blowfly maggots
• An aid in the healing of wire cuts, castration, dehorning,
branding, shearing, tail docking and similar wounds
and for the treatment of maggot infestations.

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