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HI-TET 120

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Indication/Description For the treatment of tick-borne gallsickness (anaplasmosis), heartwater, footrot, navel-ill, joint-ill, pneumonia in stock and strangles in horses.
Active Ingredients
Target Specificity
Usages/Product Insert HI-TET 120 500ML
Pack Sizes/Shots HI-TET 120 500ML
Dosage and Method of Administration

Use only as directed.
Hi-Tet 120 may be administered by the intramuscular or
intravenous routes. When given by intramuscular injection,
not more than 25 ml should be injected in any one site. If
unusual side reactions occur, the use of the drug should
be stopped immediately. Intravenous injections should be
administered slowly.
Hi-Tet 120 contains a high concentration of oxytetracycline
hydrochloride, resulting in relatively low volume injections.
The recommended dose is 2 ml/30 kg, repeated daily as

Dosage chart:

Body mass 30 kg 44 kg 100 kg
Anaplasmosis 2ml 3ml 7ml
Heartwater 2ml 3ml 7ml
Footrot 1ml 1,5ml 3,5ml
Navel-ill 1ml 1,5ml 3,5ml
Joint-ill 1ml 1,5ml 3,5ml
Pneumonia in stock 1ml 1,5ml 3,5ml
Strangles in horses 1ml 1,5ml 3,5ml

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