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Indication/Description Pour-on. Controls ticks, nuisance flies, kills biting and sucking lice on cattle, sheep and goats.
Active Ingredients
Cyfluthrin 1% m/v.
Target Specificity
Usages/Product Insert CYLENCE 1LT
Pack Sizes/Shots


Method of Administration Use only as directed. Avoid direct contact
with this product. Treat at regular intervals, according
to tick challenge. The basic dosage is 2 ml per 10 kg body
mass. For satisfactory fly control, in addition to treating cattle
at weekly intervals, it is recommended that breeding
sites (e.g. dung heaps) and buildings on the farm are also
treated with appropriate remedies.
Cattle and goats: Apply the required dose volume along
the backline. For sucking lice, two treatments 14 days apart
are recommended.
Sheep: Apply the required dose volume in 4 parts to the
bare skin areas of the groin and axillae. In the case of
sheep exposed to Karoo Paralysis Tick (Ixodes rubicundus)
infestation, animals have to be treated with Cylence early
in the season, when these ticks are first observed (either on
the grazing, or on the animals). Two to three treatments at
7 to 10 day intervals at this time should suffice to protect
sheep against Karoo Paralysis, depending on the severity
of the tick challenge.
Live mass  Dose
50 kg body mass 10 ml
100 kg body mass 20 ml
200 kg body mass 40 ml
300 kg body mass 60 ml
400 kg body mass 80 ml
500 kg body mass 100 ml
500 kg and overs 100 ml
Sheep and goats
Live mass  Dose
10 kg body mass 2 ml
20 kg body mass 4 ml
30 kg body mass 6 ml
40 kg body mass 8 ml
50 kg body mass 10 ml
60 kg body mass 12 ml

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