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Dip and spray for cattle, horses, ostriches, poultry and dogs for the control of ticks, stable flies and mites. Also sterilises female ticks. Ectoparasiticides

Bayopet Bacdip Plus Dip

Dip concentrate for the control of ticks and fleas on dogs and puppies and ticks on horses and foals. Ectoparasiticides

Bayopet Shampoo and Conditioner

2 in 1, non-irritant , Shampoo and Conditioner, suitable for the whole pet family that leaves the animal's coat glossy and clean with a pleasant fragrance. Cosmetically accepted by owners and animals. Care Products
Byboost Scour-Ex A replenishing, dietetic feeding stuff, designed to assist in the management of water, electrolytes and essential minerals during nutritional stress in cattle, pigs, horses, sheep and other farm animals. Nutritionals
Byboost Vitagain A liquid drench booster for nutritionally aiding growth, fertility and good livestock performance.Without copper. Can be used in feed, drinking water, milk, top dressed on feed or whenever oral drenches are utilized. Nutritionals

Mira® Blud

Blud is a mixture of B complex vitamins and trace elements (including iron) for use as a nutritional supplement in horses to support blood formation (haemopoiesis). Nutritionals

Calciject PMD

For the treatment of hypocalcaemia complicated by deficiency of magnesium with accompanying hypoglycemia in cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and goats. Nutritionals
Hi-Phos A palatable, assimilable phosphate trace mineral supplement particularly recommended for lactating, breeding, growing and convalescent stock when necessary. Nutritionals

Hi-Tet 120

For the treatment of tick-borne gallsickness (anaplasmosis), heartwater, footrot, navel-ill, joint-ill, pneumonia in stock and strangles in horses. Antimicrobials

Hi-Tet Aerosol

For the treatment and control of topical infections in all species of animals. Antimicrobials


Synthetic antimycotic with a potent antifungal action against dermatophytes in dogs, cattle and horses. Antifungals


Controls ticks and kills lice on cattle and horses. Kills red mites and lice on poultry and controls sand tampans on poultry. Controls ticks and fleas on dogs. Ectoparasiticides


For treatment and control of topical infections in all species of animals. Antimicrobials

Sulfazine 33 ⅓ %

For the treatment of pneumonia, bacterial scours coccidioses, joint ill and navel ill in cattle, sheep, goats and pigs and strangles in horses and footrot in cattle   Antimicrobials

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