Exotic Animal Products

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Controls fleas on cats, kittens and rabbits. Ectoparasiticides


Dip and spray for cattle, horses, ostriches, poultry and dogs for the control of ticks, stable flies and mites. Also sterilises female ticks. Ectoparasiticides

Beefee Powder

A tasty and accepted nutritional supplement supplying vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids to supplement the normal diet of dogs puppies, cats and kittens as well as other pets like birds and hamsters. Nutritionals


Tapeworm remedy against intestinal and liver tapeworms in sheep and cattle and tapeworm in ostriches. Endoparasiticides

Calsup Powder

Calsup is a formulated calcium and vitamin supplement to help produce a balanced and available source of calcium together with some vitamins. Nutritionals

Dazzel NF

Emulsifable concentrate. Dip for sheep, goats, pigs and rabbits. Kills blow-fly maggots, lice, scab mites, controls ticks on sheep and goats. Kills lice  on pigs and mange mites on rabbits. Ectoparasiticides

Drastic Deadline

Pour-on. Controls ticks on cattle, sheep, ostriches and game. Controls tsetse fly worry and red lice on cattle and feather mites on ostriches. Sterilises female ticks. Ectoparasiticides


Roundworm and tapeworm remedy for sheep, goats, cattle and ostriches. Endoparasiticides


Roundworm remedy for cattle, sheep, goats and ostriches. Endoparasiticides


For treatment and control of topical infections in all species of animals. Antimicrobials

Sulfazine 16%

Oral and drinking water remedy for the treatment of coccidiosis and coryza (Croup) in poultry and coccidiosis in claves, lambs, kids and rabbits. Antimicrobials

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