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Indication/Description Kills ticks and fleas on dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.
Active Ingredients
Target Specificity
Usages/Product Insert 250 ml Bottle Pack Sizes/Shots 250 ml Bottle
Method of Administration Wet the dog or cat thoroughly with luke warm water. Then apply enough shampoo to work up a good lather on the pet. This quantity will depend on the size of the pet, length of haircoat and hardness of water. Wash and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Dry the pet with a towel. Dogs can be allowed to run free but cats must be dried with a hairdryer as far as possible. After drying, comb the pet well. Repeat shampooing weekly or as necessary. Re-infestation particularly with fleas, may occur very soon after treatment. If this occurs it is recommended that the pet’s sleeping environment also be treated with a registered product.

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