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Indication/Description Controls ticks and kills lice on cattle and horses. Kills red mites and lice on poultry and controls sand tampans on poultry. Controls ticks and fleas on dogs.
Active Ingredients
Carbaryl 50% m/m.
Target Specificity
Usages/Product Insert KARBADIP SPRAY 1KG Pack Sizes/Shots KARBADIP SPRAY 1KG
Method of Administration First mix the wettable powder with a small quantity
of water in a suitable container. Slowly add the powder
to the water while stirring constantly to avoid the formation
of lumps. When this has been done, decant the mixture
into the spray tank and make sure not to add any sediment.
Add water to the sediment left in the container and stir
until it is in suspension before adding to the tank. Stir contents
of tank well before commencing to spray.
Dosage Cattle and horses: Spraying: Spray race or hand
spraying – mix 3 kg Karbadip into 1 000 L water. Spray
weekly against ticks and twice at two-weekly intervals
against lice.
Handdressing: For application where ticks cluster in the
ears, under the tail and on the udder. Mix 30 g Karbadip
into 5 L water. Can either be sprayed on or applied by
means of a cloth or brush.
Poultry: Spraying: Poultry houses against red mites,
lice, tampans and fleas – mix 3 kg Karbadip into 1
000 L of water. Spray at monthly intervals. Remove all
litter and nest hay and burn it. Also empty out feed and
water troughs. Then thoroughly spray all surfaces inside
the poultry house, including the feed and water
receptacles. Fowls may also be sprayed.
Dogs: For control of ticks and fleas. Dogs are washed
or dipped in a mixture of 50 g Karbadip in 15 L of water.
Treat weekly or as often as necessary.


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